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Audio & Video
Expert Opinions on 5G Safety
May 2020 | Video

In this video we look at the growing body of expert advice on the safety of RF in general and 5G specifically, the RF exposure limits that apply and the compliance of 5G base station sites with those limits.

Audio & Video
5G & Coronavirus: Real Fake News
May 2020 | Video

Recently, a conspiracy theory linking 5G to the spread of Coronavirus has been circulating on social media that has resulted in acts of vandalism and arson against 5G masts or cell phone towers in several countries. Watch our latest video for the full details and expert reactions to the underlying claims.

Audio & Video
What is 5G?
March 2020 | Video

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Blog News
February 2014 | Audio

MOBILEpodcasts gives you exclusive insights into the major public interest issues affecting the mobile telecommunications industry. In this episode, Prof. Ray Kemp of Swinburn University, Australia, talks about risk communication and its application to public health concerns about mobile phone technology.


Audio & Video
Mobile Communications and Health
May 2010 | Video

While mobile communications are certainly transforming our lives with the enormous benefits that they provide, we recognise that some people would like to learn more about the health and safety aspects of these technologies and this video was produced for this purpose.