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Our Research Programs

The effects of radio waves have been extensively researched over many years and this research has been used to develop safety standards for all wireless products. In addition, many national and international independent expert panels have reviewed the literature over the years, consistently concluding that scientific research has not confirmed any public health risks from living near mobile phone base stations or from the phones themselves or indeed any other radio products operating within internationally accepted exposure guidelines.

Notwithstanding the lack of scientific evidence of any health effects associated with the use of mobile and wireless communications devices, the industry remains committed to continuing to support research in this field. The MWF's role in this area is to co-ordinate research contributions on behalf of member companies for the development of international standards and to contribute to the fulfilment of the World Health Organization (WHO) EMF Research Agenda.

For the 20th anniversary of the association, the MWF prepared a research booklet that provides a concise and informative overview of the MWF's various research efforts relevant to wireless communication, including our work on new compliance methodologies for future 5G devices.

Download the MWF’s booklet on 20 years of research, Status 2018